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Secure, Decentralized, Blockchain-based Document Verification

Edublock is designed to provide an easy, decentralized, and secure way for academic institutions to store and distribute official documents. Academic institutions can store their transcripts, certifications, and diplomas for free on a distributed, open blockchain data store.

This project was co-financed by the European Union.

Who is EduBlock for?

EduBlock Project Goals

The Edublock project is a blockchain-based campaign aimed at addressing one of the most pressing issues in the labor market: the proliferation of fraudulent certifications, diplomas, and transcripts.

Currently, with the advancement of document and image processing technology, it has become easy for students and jobseekers to alter and forge official documents and transcripts.

This problem becomes even more difficult to solve due to the growing number of certification providers, the emergence of distance learning platforms, as well as the need for people to continuously gain new skills and knowledge through lifelong learning programs.

As a result, any corporation, employer, or academic institution that needs to verify the authenticity of any transcript or diploma, must contact multiple authorities and request a document verification process in each one case.

Edublock is a platform that resolves these issues, providing a secure, decentralized, blockchain-based document verification solution.

Why is blockchain the solution?

Allows the encrypted storage of data in multiple data stores.

Supports the development of apps that can be easily integrated with 3rd party providers

Secures the validation of documents by not allowing the falsification of stored data

Gives the functionality of digital signage to the user or organization that stores the information

Project Timeline

As a project deliverable, we will be producing an app that serves all stakeholders involved in the verification of academic credentials.

The application will be accessible without cost to all educational institutions, and will enable them to upload and store their official documents on a decentralized blockchain data store that is secure.

In addition to storage, the app will also enable simple document sharing among users, with a minimal charge applied each time a document is sent from one user to another.

This fee may be paid by the sender or receiver, guaranteeing that the service can remain free to academic institutions in the long run.

June 2019
Aprin 2021
December 2022

EduBlock App

Edublock provides an easy, cost-effective, and secure solution to the distribution of fake transcripts and certificates. It is a cloud, SaaS solution that is provided for free to any academic organization.
The blockchain technology offers several benefits. Personal documents, such as transcripts, will be kept secure and encrypted.
Data will be stored across a distributed system, so that each institution or agency can manage their own data. However, the blockchain technology will make sure the data, once stored, are not altered. Individuals will be able to control their wallet of documents and decide who can access them.
In addition, the adoption of this technology will reduce costs related to storage, management, and distribution, as well as accelerate the verification process of qualifications.

App Users

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Project partners

The solution is developed by VERTITECH SA, a leading provider in educational management systems and a software development company specializing in vertical business applications.

Using Microsoft Technologies, Vertitech offers end-to-end management solutions specifically designed and customized for any business.

The company has started Classter in 2015, which is a leading cloud-based School and Learning Management platform.

EduBlock & Classter

When combined with Classter, EduBlock can leverage the information and accounts stored in Classter to automatically make them available to EduBlock through API.

This integration allows institutions to automatically distribute personalized credentials and certifications to students, such as grades and completion certificates, directly from Classter.

Furthermore, the integration allows for automatic distribution of personalized credentials and certifications after the completion of specific tasks, such as the import of semester lesson grades.

With this integration, students’ requests for credentials and certifications can be fulfilled and delivered quickly and efficiently through a single environment, providing a streamlined and secure process for managing and distributing educational records.

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